Amersham Dolls House 1950s

c1950s Amersham Dolls House SOLD

Here is a lovely 1950s Amersham wooden dolls house in completely original played with condition. The scale is  1/16th scale which makes this wonderfully compact and able to  sit on a shelf , cupboard top, etc. quite easily.

The frontage opens as one to reveal the interior.  There are three rooms inside; one downstairs room with staircase leading to an upstairs main room. An arched doorway leading into a tiny room above the garage. You might just be able to glimpse the tiny room through the open window as seen in one of the photos above. All wallpaper and flooring is believed to be original to the house. There is a hint of a very old water stain in the top left hand corner on the main bedroom wallpaper.

The garage is situated to the left of the dolls house. It has two opening wooden doors with the two original attractive metal  handles still intact. The brick paper on the garage floor is also  original, albeit a little patchy.

Delightfully all the metal Amersham windows are fully  intact and refreshingly every  lower window do still open nicely. There is a little rust on one or two of the windows but I think this can be forgiven seeing that this little treasure is over 60 years old. These particular kind of  windows are totally unique to  Amersham dolls houses.

There is a wooden front door with the original metal handle, which  leads directly into the downstairs room. Around the top of the front door is a pretty green painted wooden arch. The base has a dark green painted finish with a grey pathway detail leading up to the front door and also a grey painted driveway leading up to the garage doors. There are a few knocks and scrapes to the base paintwork, particuarly on the right side of the base where there is a small splinter of wood missing…but is hardly noticeable.

The painted exterior is in original condition.  The very pretty painted foliage on the frontage is also original to the house.  There is some obvious wear and tear to the paintwork as you can see but I think this dolls house can be described as being in a good played with condition.  There is some faint child scribble on the front gable but nothing too detrimental. On the left side of the house there is some scuffing to the paintwork.  There is a water stain that can be seen on the back.  The roof is in original condition with the original chimney which is nice to see…so often these chimneys are lost.  As seen in the photo, a little of the red flashing is a little worn and crinkled where the side roof joins the main roof.

There is the one original bulb in the downstairs room with wiring leading out the back to underneath the base where the battery would have been fixed.

The distinctive Amersham label  is  still fixed to the front of the base, is good to see as these are often missing.

There is absolutely no sign of woodworm or there ever having been, which is refreshing.


Width of base = 16 3/8″.   Depth of base = 9 1/2″.   

Height of house  to top of chimney= 21″.

Downstairs ceiling height =6 1/4″.  Upstairs ceiling height = 5 1/2″.

This is a 1/16th scale dolls house.

As always, you are advised if possible to collect in person from me here in Thame, at a mutually agreed time, to erase the possibility of any damage caused in transit as these old houses are quite fragile.

However this house is small enough to post by Parcelforce here in the UK if necessary.

Sorry but UK buyers only.