Antique & Vintage

Antique & Vintage Dolls House Miniatures Plus KT Miniatures Handmade Vintage Style

You will find not only genuine antique and vintage miniatures amongst this section, but also KT Miniatures handmade miniatures too – deliberately created to look old. Suitable for use in your old dolls houses, as well as modern reproduction settings that require that “old” and “much loved” appearance. For ease and quickness, you can now access all links on this page from the drop down bar on the original Antique & Vintage button found on the top  navigation bar. Or alternatively you can still scroll down this page to view all 13 separate thumbnail  links, then simply click on each one to view the relevant contents in the different categories. There is  currently dolls house for sale at this moment of time.

Additional Antique & Vintage Manufacturers – Mostly 1/16th Scale But There Are Exceptions

c1930s Tri-ang Princess Dolls House

A Restoration Project