Antique Builders Dolls House Collection

One day, several years ago now,  I received a phone call from a builder from up north telling me that he  had come across a box of old dolls house bits in the attic of an ancient house he was renovating, some with Pit-a-Pat labels on…….. he wanted to know if he should chuck it all in the skip or might it be worth a few bob! Umm….well, you can imagine how pleased he was when I proceeded to inform him that far from being a pile of junk, anything with a Pit-a-Pat label on was highly sought after and valuable! So I asked him to send me a photo or two, which he did…everything spread out on a builder’s sheet up in the attic.  I made him an offer and he accepted.

There was quite a selection of items, all from the c1930s. Not just Pit-a-Pat but some kitchenware too plus even  some large scale Britains garden gnomes. Below are only some of the little treasures that came as part of this collection…sadly as the years have rolled by I seem to have lost one or two files of photographs. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy taking a peek at the lovely photos that I do have.

Here is a group of various interesting c1930s furniture that were amongst the collection that had originally been destined for the skip! In the photo below you can see a rare Art Deco trolley, probably German. There are some Pit-a-Pat furniture including a rare garden chair.

Here is a variety of antique Grecon dolls, all from the 1930s, and possibly a Tomac doll too (the waitress). Aren’t they lovely!

 There were a number of interesting kitchen items amongst this collection.
Here are one or two assorted household items.

After some research with regards to these two large scale gnomes I finally stumbled across this wonderful old Britains advert….and success! I discovered that they are in fact 1930s Britains lead painted gnomes and quite rare!!!

These are far too big a scale to be used with the Britains Lead Garden pieces which are 1/32 scale…. so am assuming that as the advert says, that these were meant to be used outside with “real life sized ponds ” or for decorative puroses?