Antique Wallpaper

All wallpaper for sale on this page has originated from the USA and is genuine antique wallpaper. It is expensive for obvious reasons and the supply is limited. We are hoping to get more designs soon but cannot guarantee exactly quite when.

The patterns are exquisite and entirely suitable for a dolls house, although some patterns are more exaggerated than others. Please also note the difference in price on certain patterns.

Each image has been shown with a 20p to give an indication of the size of pattern.


NB. We recommend using ordinary wallpaper paste and great care is needed when handling this wallpaper. It is extremely fragile and will tear easily. The width measurement has been given however please note that this is from edge to edge and on the majority of papers there is a white border either side of approx. an inch.

Circa 1900s Wallpaper No. 3 @ £21.00 per metre

Bold green, gold striped pattern with neutral background. Measures 19 1/2″ (49.5cm)

Ref: Wallpaper 3

Circa 1920’s Floral Striped Wallpaper No.14 SOLD OUT

A pale blue, cream/ beige striped & small floral pattern. Measures 19″ (48cm) wide

Ref: Wallpaper14

Circa 1920’s Blue & Yellow Wallpaper No.18 @ £23.00

A pastel yellow and blue thin striped pattern. Measures 19″ (48cm) wide

Ref: Wallpaper18

Circa 1930s Wallpaper No.9 @ £16.00 Per Metre SOLD OUT

A pretty pastel pinkish design. Measures 18 1/2″ wide (46.5cm).

Ref: Wallpaper9

Circa 1930s Wallpaper No.11 @ £15.00 Per Metre

A cream background with a small starry green pattern. Measures 19″ wide (48.5cm).

Ref: Wallpaper11

Circa 1930s Wallpaper No.15 @ £15.00 Per Metre

A cream background with a small red motif. Measures 19″ wide (48.5cm).

Ref: Wallpaper15

Circa 1930s/40s Wallpaper No 20  SOLD OUT 

A very pretty floral pattern with grey background. Measures 19″ (48.5cm) wide.

Ref: Wallpaper 20

Circa 1930s/40s Wallpaper No 21 @ £25.00 per metre

A very pretty floral pattern with white background. Measures 22″ (56cm) wide

Ref: Wallpaper 21

Circa 1930s/40s Wallpaper No 22 @ £23.00 per metre

An attractive repeat pattern, cream background. Measures 18 1/2″ (47cm) wide

Ref: Wallpaper 22