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Various Dolls Houses Sold In Recent Times

Vintage Hobbies Model Farm & Assortment Of Lead Animals

Other Sold Dolls Houses

Gallery Of Just Some Of The Old Dolls Houses Sold By KT Miniatures Over Many Years

As you can imagine, there have been many old dolls houses that have passed through KT Miniatures’ doors over the past 21 years of trading, and I simply cannot  show them all but the ones above are some of my favourites. 

Various Special Collections Sold

Various Articles On Vintage Items By Celia Thomas Of KT Miniatures

Many of my features below have also appeared in the excellent online ezine of Dolls Houses Past & Present.

Past KT Miniatures Creations

Here are just a few miniature scenes that were created  for commissons,  magazine projects and just random items sold by KT Miniatures

KT Miniatures Gallery Of Past Creative Commissions & Projects

Past Workshop Creations

Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops Project Gallery

For several years I jointly ran miniature workshops under the banner of Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops along with my miniaturist colleague Robin Britton (Coombe Crafts). In the summer of 2016 due to the retirement of Robin from the world of miniatures, we closed the creaky old doors on Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops. Although our official website for the workshops no longer exists, our MINIATURE WORKSHOPS BLOG does, where  you can see what we all got up to over several years.   Meanwhile, on the workshop gallery link above you can see some of the many workshop projects we undertook.