Art Deco Dolls House

c1935 Art Deco Dolls House SOLD

This is a lovely wooden flat roof dolls house believed to have been based on plans that can be seen in a circa 1935 Woodworker Magazine. The original exterior and beautiful interior wall and floor papers are present, all in such gorgeous muted colours….which is quite rare in itself!


This dolls house has what appears to be mostly the original brick paper on the exterior..generally it is intact apart from some minor loss in mainly corners on the frontage. The house opens in two halves, one on each side plus also the top middle opens via two doors to reveal the landing. There is also a kind of balcony above the front door which is a lovely touch. The front doors are huge and open inwards to reveal the hall. Although the front looks a little plain…just wait until you see the beautiful original papers inside!

On closer inspection it does appear that in places there are two slightly different shades of brick paper. I cannot make up my mind if patches of the original brickwork have faded or if there is some really old replacement brick paper here and there. Personally I love it as it helps give it character.


The house consists of four main rooms plus a hall with stairs leading up to the landing. Each room has an internal opening door leading off either the hall or landing. Each room has the most glorious original papers from the 1930s!!


The kitchen is the only room in this house that does not have a built in fireplace. The originalblue delft type wall and mock lino floor papers are lovely.

Living Room

The original wall and floor papers are fully intact in this room, as in all the other rooms, along with a lovely fitted wooden1930s fireplace. The wallpaper in this room is so very “deco” in design!

Bedroom 1

This is the top left upstairs room…I have called it a bedroom but could well be a bathroom. The papers again are all original and there is a wooden fitted fireplace. The upper paper is the same art deco paper as the living room but on the lower walls, there is a delightful nursery frieze of children playing.

Bedroom 2

This is the top right upstairs room…I have called it a bedroom but again, could well be a bathroom. The papers are all original and there is a wooden fitted fireplace. The upper paper is a pictorial design and the lower wall has a matching frieze.

Hall & Landing

The wallpapers on the landing, up the stairs and hall is the same as the Bedroom 2 upper wallpaper. The flooring is original, the same as all the other rooms in this lovely house. There are simple wooden banisters and handrails all the way up the stairs and on the landing.

Exterior Of Sides, Rear & Roof

The sides and back are covered in brick paper which I appear to be all original to the house. There are two chimneys either side of a flat roof. On the back you can see encased lighting wires runs down the back into an old fashioned socket. The original roof paper is missing a little bit on the front right of the roof but the rest is more or less there. Each chimney is missing papers from normal wear and tear.


Width= 32 1/4″

Depth= 15 3/4″

Height To Top Of Roof= 18 1/2″

Height To Top Of Chimneys = 22 1/2″

Downstairs Ceiling Height= 9″

Upstairs Ceiling Height = 8 1/2″

I would say that 1/12th scale furniture would suit this house.


This house is very sturdy and in a good played with condition. There is no sign of any woodworm at all or ever having been, which is refreshing. All interior papers are original to the house from the 1930s plus the original old bakelite lighting fittings are in each room. The old wiring will need attention….I have no idea if any of it will be in working order.

There are endless drawing pin holes around the inside of the windows left from previous owners hanging up curtains over the years…not woodworm! This is such a common sight on old dolls houses……drawing pins would not be allowed in a child’s house these days! This would look fabulous with some aniique 1930s lace or material up at the window.


This is a large, very old and fragile house so cannot be sent by Parcelforce. I strongly recommend collection from me here in Thame (very near M40 junctions). Alternatively this can be transported in the UK or overseas by You will have to make your own arrangements with them and they will come and pack themselves. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.