*Items placed under this heading also incorporate Taylor & Barrett (T&B) which were manufactured from 1920 to 1941, by Mr Barrett and Mr Taylor. Manufacturing had to cease from 1941 due to World War 2. After the war the partnership was not renewed.

*Mr Barrett and sons started up again as “Barrett & Sons” which traded from 1945 to 1983.

*Mr Taylor, his son and son in law started up again as “F.G. Taylor & Sons” which traded from 1945 to 1980. Any “FGT & Sons” items have been placed within the various relevant rooms found on the Antique & Vintage Section of this website.

*From the 1960s onwards metal components were increasingly replaced by plastic. In 1970 Barretts moved into premises that housed the Barton company at that particular time. From then on Barretts made exclusively for Bartons.

NB. Many of these items could be used in both 1/16th scale, as well as 1/12th scale or in an old dolls house where scale does not matter. Some are  tiny and  suitable for 1/24th scale dolls houses. Please take note of the measurements if the scale is important to you as they do tend to vary.

c1930s Taylor & Barrett Fireplace, Fender & Fire Fret  @ £42.00

This is a lovely 1930s painted metal Taylor & Barrett fireplace, fender and curved fire fret, all in original condition. It is so refreshing to have not only the fender but the fire fret too, they are so often missing. The fire fret in particular is now becoming quite rare as it is to tiny and very easily lost. All items are in a relatively good played with condition, some wear.  There are manufacturer crinkles on the mantelpiece and left side but not noticeable, and this is in original condition, has not been over painted as far as I can see.  Fire surround measures 2 7/8″ high x 2 7/8″ at widest mantel point. Fender measures just under 2 1/4″ wide x 3/4″ deep.

Ref: T&B Fireplace, Fender & Fret

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter


c1930s T&B Fire Guard @ £12.00 

Here is a lovely metal fireguard marked T & B on the back. It stands via a pair of two pronged feet. On the front is an oval decorative embossed pattern. The top of the fireguard is nicely shaped. In a good played with condition, some wear. Measures 1 3/4″ high x 1 1/8″ wide.

Ref: T&B Fire Guard

c1930s Taylor & Barrett Fireside Stand With Poker & Brush (missing bristles) @ £11.00

Here is a metal stand with a loose poker and brush (missing bristles), that hang onto stand via tiny hooks. The base of the stand is marked T&B. Nice item, in a good played with condition, some wear. Stands at a height of 1 1/4″.

Ref: T&B Poker, Brush & Stand

c1930s Taylor & Barrett Telephone (Missing part hook for receiver) @ £13.50

Here is a circa 1930s T&B metal phone, the old fashioned stick phone with receiver attached by original green cord. The dial detail does not move. Unfortunately, one of the little hooks has broken off, which means the receiver cannot be hung up and will permanently have to be “off the hook”, therefore the price reflects this. It is clearly marked TAYLOR & BARRETT underneath.  Overall it is in a relatively good played with condition, some heavy wear to the paintwork too. Measures 1 3/4″ high.

Ref: T&B Phone

Suitable for 1/12th or possibly 1/16th scale dolls house

c1950s Barrett Cream & Green Metal Gas Cooker  @ £39.00

Here is a green and cream metal Barrett gas cooker that was available in the 1950s. It was created using the same mould as the cream and metal version that was made by Taylor and Barrett during the pre-war 1930s.  It comes complete with a green painted metal plate rack and painted metal hob detail. The green painted door opens. Overall the paintwork is in relatively good played with  condition, just a little wear, mainly to the hob top and the cooker back. Lovely item. Measures 3 3/4″ high x 2″ wide x 1 1/2″ depth.

Ref: Barrett Green Cream Cooker

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

1950s Barrett & Son Yellow Phone @ £12.50 SOLD

This lovely  1950s Barrett & Son yellow  metal phone is in a good played with condition, just a little wear to the paintwork. The receiver lifts off, and is attached by original red cord to the main phone body.  There is a tiny little dial which does not rotate. Lovely item. Measures 5/8″ wide x 3/4″ deep x 5/8″ high

Ref:Barrett Yellow Phone

Can be used in 1/12th scale as well as a 1/16th scale house.


Vintage Barrett & Son Metal & Plastic Cooker @ £24.00

Here is a later vintage version of  Barrett & Son metal cooker, with cream painted main body, red plastic opening door and plastic top rack. On the back it is marked MADE IN ENGLAND B.  The plate rack stands up in the same way as the all metal version. Overall, this is in a good played with condition. Some loss of paint, particularly around the feet and the right hand side of the hob section. Measures 2″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 3 3/4″ back height x 2 1/4″ hob height.

Ref: B&S Metal & Plastic Cooker

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house

1950s Barrett Lead Dog, Two Puppies & Kennel @ £38.95

This 1950s Barrett & Son lead dog, her two puppies and kennel are in a good played with condition. It is refresing to have the two tiny little puppies as these are so often lost.

To give indicate of size the kennel measures? and dog measures ?

Ref: BT-Kennel, Dog & Puppies