On this page you will find an index of original components from various old dolls house manufacturers for use in restoration, as well as a general section containing components from unknown sources. These do not come along very often as obviously they have to come from old wrecks. I seldom abandon dilapidated dolls houses unless they are totally beyond all help in which case anything useful and salvageable is stripped out. Please click on the relevant section below. If you are in doubt and need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Amersham 1930s – 1950s – Including Tin Windows, Wooden Doors, Wooden Door Canopies etc. For Amersham Dolls Houses

GeeBee c1950s- 1970s – Including Blue/White GeeBee Tin Windows, Doors & Shutters etc.. For GeeBee Dolls Houses

Romside c1930s – 1970s – Instantly Recognisable Tin Components By This Manufacturer Used For General Dolls Houses Including Windows, Doors & Shutters etc.

Old Dolls House Components For Restoration – Assorted Components For General Dolls House Use Including Chimneys, Doors etc.

Tri-ang c1919 – 1971 Components For Old Tri-ang Dolls Houses, Including Lines