Early 1900s German Style Miniature Kitchen

KT Miniatures Early 1900s German Style Miniature Kitchen SOLD

Antique German Style Miniature Kitchen By KT Miniatures

Here is a unique early 1900s German style miniature kitchen created by KT Miniatures, in the same exaggerated scale as the genuine antique toy kitchens. This has been purposely created to look slightly  old and worn, in order to give added charm and authenticity. Whoever purchases this can have great fun filling this little scene.  Don’t worry about scale…just fill it with old kitchen furniture and accessories of any scale that takes your fancy,  just like the youngsters did back in the early 1900s, it will look fabulous. And the joy of having  this little room box is that it does not take up as much room as a dolls house, and everything can be viewed instantly.

The main carcass is made from MDF and measures 16 1/2″ wide x 8 1/4″ deep x 10 1/4″ high. The walls have been hand painted extensively in true KT Miniatures style to give extra depth, with the aged appearance of a tiled upper half and paneled lower half.  The decoration was inspired by an old German toy kitchen that I came across when I was researching tiny kitchens for a KT Miniatures workshop project earlier this year.

The two  paper friezes were based on actual c1910 German  dolls house wallpaper,  and re-created in such a way so as to fit this project.  The stunning floor is  genuine antique wallpaper and looks perfect in this setting. The exterior of the side walls and back have simply been primed in white.

To kick start the collection of contents for this little scene, I have included some fixtures and accessories….

The KT Miniatures wooden handmade aged white painted wall rack with top shelf is based on an actual one seen in an antique German kitchen, and is fixed to the wall all ready to fill. It has a top narrow shelf and several hooks…old saucepans and various kitchen  implements will look particularly amazing hanging off the hooks.

The wooden dresser carcass is actually a genuine old  c1920s/30s German dresser. When it came to me it had already been repainted as seen, with just a replacement cardboard back. So in order to bring it back to as near to the original as possible (I have one of these in original condition in my own collection) I created a replica tiled paper/card backing  in place of the missing original, to bring it back to life and it now looks rather super in this kitchen. Once this is laden with food and accessories this will look absolutely amazing.

I am including an antique German china wall flour container, that is labelled “Mehl”(German for flour) and is hanging on a tiny tack hook.

Also included is a slightly large scale heavily aged antique tin chair,a bit rusty but perfect for this setting. So too, a little wooden chopping board that is also hanging from a tack, plus an antique white china jug.

An old tin range would look rather wonderful  in this little kitchen and at the time of writing this, I do have a cream and green range that would be perfect for this little kitchen (and there is a matching sink), currently for sale on the following link: Kitchen Page.

Ref: Early 1900s German Style Miniature Kitchen & Some Accessories.