Old Amersham Restoration

All these pieces have come out of various old Amersham dolls houses so may be rusty and worn to different degrees. Please check measurements before ordering as different Amersham components vary from model to model.

c1930s Amersham Garage Roof Plinth @ £4.50

This wooden plinth came from the garage roof of an art deco version of an Amersham dolls house. It would have sat at the front edge of the garage roof. In a good played with condition, some wear. Still has two fixing nails underneath. Measures 6 1/4″ wide.

Ref:Amersham Garage Roof Plinth

c1930s Amersham Dolls House Window Supports @ £5.00 each

These painted wooden Amersham window supports came from an Amersham Art Deco dolls house and would have supported upper windows. Each one measures 4 1/2″ wide.

Ref:Amersham Window Support