Old Dolls House Components

All these dolls house components have come from various vintage dolls houses. Please read the information and check measurements carefully before ordering.

Tiny Pair Of Rare Antique Painted Glass Windows @ £21.00 SOLD

This is how rare these are….they are a first for KT Miniatures in 21 years of trading!

If you are looking to add something rather unusual to your old dolls house window then this could be for you. They came with some very old dolls house furniture and accessories, and to be honest I have held onto these for a while with the intention of possibly using them for a project of my own. But they have simply sat in a box for so long now that I think it is time to let them go reluctantly. These are two tiny squares of 1/16″ thick glass which are burgundy red in colour and have a clear glass embossed flower pattern in the middle. I am assuming that the raised embossed side is the exterior side…as when you turn it over to the flat side, the pattern is ever so slightly different. These have obviously been used in an old dolls house before as you can just see a hint all around the outside edges of slight roughness where it would have been in situ. One glass window measures 1  5/16” x 1  5/16“, and the other is a fraction smaller at 1  5/16” x 1  1/4“.

So if you are looking for something rather special to authenticate your old treasure and make it even more special, maybe these are for you.

Ref: Pair Red Painted Embossed Glass Windows

Suitable for either old or modern reproduction dolls house

Unusual Old Metal Balcony Railing For An Old Dolls House SOLD

Here is a heavy decorative metal balcony railing for a dolls house. Exact origin and age unknown but it came with a bunch of old dolls house items, including the glass windows above and looks rather old indeed. This is very attractive in design and would make a very special feature on an old dolls house. There are some fixing prongs along the bottom, where you would need to drill tiny relevant holes in your dolls house floor to slot these in. Measures 3 7/8″ long x 2 1/4″ high x just under 3/4″ deep.

Ref: Old Metal Balcony Railing

Vintage Dolls House Wooden Gable End @ £10.50

This is a wooden gable end that came from a vintage dolls house. There is a split on the right outer side of the frame but fully intact as it is stuck down to a cream/tan painted wooden backing. On the far left corner tip, there is just the tiny “tip” part missing as seen in the photo, but nothing too detrimental. The outer struts are dark stained. Potentially useful if restoring/renovating a vintage dolls house. Measures 9 1/2″ width (should be 9 3/4″ but tiny bit broken off) x 4 3/4″ high from base to apex.

Ref:Wooden Gable End

Vintage Single Chimney @ £3.00

This could be useful to someone…..it is a wooden single chimney painted brown with black painted round wooden top. Measures 1 1/2″ in height and then a metal spike extends further by a further 3/8″. It is via this spike that this is fixed into a roof. Came from a 1930s homemade dolls house.

Ref:Single Chimney

Vintage Dolls House Textured Wooden Porch Canopy @ £6.95

This is a red painted wooden porch canopy with an outer textured red and green finish on the roof side. Came from a vintage dolls house. . A useful addition for various vintage dolls houses. In a good played with condition. Measures 5 1/2″ at widest point x 2 5/8″ at highest point.

Ref:Wooden Porch Canopy

Vintage Dolls House Plastic Opening Window @ £3.00 Each

This is a blue plastic window frame with clear plastic swivel opening window. Came from unknown vintage dolls house and in a good played with condition. Measures 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

Ref: Plastic Window


Vintage Dolls House Plastic Staircase @ £4.00

This is a yellow plastic staircase from an unknown vintage dolls house. In a good played with condition.

Measures 9″ entire length, stands at a height of 6 1/2″.

Ref:Plastic Staircase