Tri-ang Princess Dolls House 1930s

c1932-1936 Tri-ang Princess Dolls House

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This is a restoration project  







This was described as “a model dolls house given to Princess Elizabeth by the Welsh people”.

This is a circa 1930s back opening Tri-ang Princess dolls house,  which has been in the same family from the very beginning. The back opening Tri-ang Princess dolls houses were made for a short while between 1932 and 1936, and then a front opening version was made.  This dolls house has been handed down two generations of the  same family until the  last family owner had to move overseas, consequently sadly had to let this dolls house go. The dolls house has been played with and much loved, it has been redecorated internally several times but is solid in construction. There is no evidence that there has been any woodworm at all in this dolls house, which is refreshing for an old dolls house.

It came to me with seven replacement windows – they are not Tri-ang windows but metal GeeBee windows. Apparently this dolls house had been played with so extensively,  that all main windows had got broken over time…(as they had a habit of doing in young hands). So the previous owner thought as a stop gap, that the GeeBee metal windows would do until more actual Tri-ang windows could be found. They can easily be unslotted by the metal tabs if you wish to remove them. Each window opens.

However, delightfully the four original single Tri-ang windows are still present on the ground floor frontage, so too all internal doors, side door and front door. Please note that although the front door still has the knocker, handle and letterbox, the celluloid glazed top window is missing. The original brick paper path at the front has been recovered with replacement brick paper, but even that is beginning to wear off.

The dolls house opens at the back via two large doors.

Internally this really is a restoration project, as much of the original wall and floor paper has gone, although some papers have been salvaged  When I took this on I endeavored to remove dreaded sticky back plastic flooring and layers of replacement wallpaper, and wonderfully some of the original paper underneath was found lurking underneath.

The kitchen is missing all fixtures and fittings, plus wall and floor paper…apart from around the far window end where there is residue of some of the original paper on the upper half and replacement vintage delft tiled paper on the lower half. The exterior side door can be seen leading off the kitchen on the left. The door on the right leads out into the hall.

The bathroom is devoid of wallpaper but after removing some modern black and white floor paper,  I have managed to save much of the original tiled flooring paper that was underneath. You  can see the outline of paint where a bath would have once sat.

In the hall, stairs and landing area, much of the pretty original wallpaper was salvaged under layers of paper, however as you can see, in one of the house’s many makeovers internally, someone has painted the ceiling and stairs in white, so there are splodges of white paint along paint line edges. However, with some ingenuity with miniature wallpaper borders, it may be possible to hide much of this unwanted paint. Other  splodges of paint on the walls could be hidden by clever fixing of pictures, etc. The stairs with banisters are fully intact. The original flooring paper was found still there under modern flooring paper. The doors from all four rooms open out onto the hall and landing area.

The living room still has vintage replacement wallpaper and border. I suspect that the original paper may be lurking underneath. The attractive flooring paper is still present, so too the original Tri-ang fireplace is still in place.

Much of the original wallpaper  on both side walls in the bedroom were found under several layers, but there are still splodges of the blue wallpaper that was the last but one layer. At the far end around the windows,  much of the original wallpaper was not present at all.  The original flooring paper was salvaged, although a little patchy. Wonderfully the original Tri-ang fireplace is still present.

All rooms have wiring and bulbs, much of the wiring internally would have been hidden by wallpaper that was originally fixed over the top. There is an off/on main switch at the side of the house and the battery holder can be found in the attic, via a little roof door. Please note that the wiring is old though and will need attention.

The roof is in original condition, it has been created to look like a thatch roof….very pretty indeed. The chimney is separate and can be placed anywhere on the roof, this is so often lost with this particular dolls house so refreshing to see. The textures exterior is still in its original white paint finish and the base in original green paint. What is also nice to see is the  “Tri-angtois” metal label on the back of the roof.

1/12th scale furniture would be suitable for this dolls house ,

Measures 30″ wide x 18″ deep x 26″ high to top of chimney.

This dolls house has been so much loved and although now a restoration project, could be fabulous once again and bring a lot of joy to someone else. 

Collection only from me here at Thame (OX9 3BE), at a mutually agreed time,   just off M40.