Vintage Hobbies Model Farm

Three Wooden Buildings From A Vintage Hobbies Grand Model Farm Kit No.249 Special And Thirty One Lead Items (Assorted Vintage Lead Figures, Lead Farm Animals & Farm Related Items) @ £68.00 SOLD

Here is a gorgeous and quirky set of three rather lovely vintage wooden farm buildings built from a Hobbies Grand Model Farm Kit No.249. I know this is not a dolls house but to those of you out there who like anything miniature, then this little farm set may appeal to you. It is literally bursting with nostalgia! Am not exactly sure what scale that you would call this set but maybe 1/32?

These particular farm buildings have been delightfully homemade from a Hobbies kit which,  as far as I know,  first appeared in the c1954 Hobbies Annual as a  three page feature of instructions. The scans seen above are from my own copy of the 1954 Hobbies Handbook. I am unsure exactly how long this set of plans was available for, but probably until the mid to late 1960s.

Also included with this farm set are 18 vintage lead farm animals, 6 lead figures and 7 farm related lead items. I am of the understanding that all these lead items range from the 1930s right through to the 1950s. The very earliest from the 1930s were manufactured by Taylor & Barrett, who made dolls house items too.

Farmhouse With Two Separate Outhouses

The farmhouse is adorable!! It consists of one main wooden house with two removable outhouses at either end, plus a hinged lift up rear roof panel at the back. The roof has the instantly recognisable red version of Hobbies roof tiled paper. The walls are papered in what is described in the handbook instructions as concrete block paper. There are two doors front and back, both hinged and both handpainted in a delightful vintage style. The windows front and back are glazed with what is described in instructions as being transparent material and which have also have been handpainted with glazing bars and curtains.  The  lovely freestanding outhouses at either end, are two different sizes. There is also a fixed  chimney. The house with the outhouses in situ measures 11 1/4″ wide x 4 1/4″ deep x 5 1/2″ to top of chimney. Please note that the house interior is an empty shell, there are no floors or stairs. Overall it is in a reasonably good played with condition, with wear to the exterior papers and paintwork.

Combined Cowshed, Piggery & Dairy

This is described in the instructions as the combined cowshed, piggery and dairy. Presumably the left hand little room with window and opening hinged door is the dairy. On the far right is a half hinged door with low wall, which is presumably the piggery. And the central area is the cowshed. It is finished in the same papers and method of construction as the farmhouse. There are some random splodges of paint around the bottom of the walls in places, plus there is a hint of foliage stuck to the right side wall at the piggery end. I suspect that this building was originally fixed to some sort of base. Measures 13″ wide x 4 1/4″ deep x 4 1/4″ high.


This wooden stable block has been made in the same way as the other buildings, including the papers. What is truly delightful is that this stable block has all hinged stable doors ie. each door opens in two sections. There is a large glazed window each end wall plus two smaller windows in the front. The roof is removable and inside there are four separate sections for the horses, each with with a built in feeding trough. Isn’t this gorgeous! Also like the other buildings, this is in a reasonably good played with conditon, some wear . Measures 11″ x 4 3/8″ deep x 4 3/4″ high.

Lead Animals, Figures & Farm Items

I have attempted to identify these lead animals, lead figures and lead farm items as best I can and the information is given in good faith. Some are clearly marked with the makers mark but some are not.

c1930s Taylor & Barrett

These are believed to have been manufactured by Taylor & Barrett and most are clearly marked, which makes dating these easily as they would have originated from the 1930s. They include a figure seated on a stool with a milk pale,  plus a female feeding a lamb, a cow, three horses and a foal, a donkey, a sheep, a pig and a style. There is considerable wear on some of these items, plus the donkey has  metal fatigue holes and one of the horses is missing ears.

c1950s John Hill & Co.

These are believed to be from the 1950s and manufactured by John Hill & Co. They include a farmer, a female carrying two buckets and a male carrying a lamb(?). There are also two bullocks, a turkey, a cross goose, two goats, a feeder and two smal hay bundles. Some are more aged than others.


c1950s FGT & Sons

The three of these item at least are believed to be from the 1950s and manufactured by FGT & Sons. There is a rather dented delightful hay stack and pump but which is missing both the handle and spout. There is also  a low feeding trough which I am not sure who made, but have included within this bunch:)

c1950s Britains

And finally, these four items are believed to have been manufactured by Britains. They include a female figure with moving arm, a ram and two sets of sitting sheep, one  with a fixed lamb. Again, as all the others, there is some wear to these items.



So there we are….if you are looking for something a little different to add to your miniature collection, then maybe this is for you.