Workshop 2018

This workshop project took place on 21st April & 19th May 2018. 



This project was of an early 1900s style German kitchen, decorated and filled with free standing furniture found in the miniature kitchens of that time.  The kit included components, materials and instructions to make a German style dresserchairside table, kitchen range, wall rack, bench rack and wall shelf, plus various kitchen accessories and a KT Miniatures reproduction German style wall frieze border. Advice was on hand to help inspire and explore various decorative options, including a paint effect tiled floor. A combination of wood, card and other materials were used to create the furniture. The German style dresser was an exact replica of the antique  dresser from my own collection.  Other pieces were very much “in the style”of ones seen from that era, and there were choices on various finishes and colours.

About KT Miniatures Workshops

KT Miniatures Workshops  are for enthusiasts who would like to create original  antique/vintage style miniature scenes with a realistic and aged feel, sharing in our ideas and expertise within a fun and relaxed atmosphere, whilst using a variety of materials. Suitable for both beginners and experienced miniaturists, simply work at your own pace in a small group (usually about 6-8 people) .


Our usual Bicester venue is no longer available for hiring, so a new venue for workshops is being sought.