List Of Recommended Items To Bring

You will need a small number of items/basic equipment for this workshop as shown below – but please do not panic if you don’t have everything on the list as we will have one or two spare. Just bring what you can. 

*Cutting Mat Or Old Chopping Board Or Similar

*Sharp Craft Knife

*Metal Ruler With Inches (plus 1/8th & 1/16th measurements)

*Sharpened Pencil (pencil sharpener too)


*Variety Of Paintbrushes – (a chunky paintbrush eg. 1/2″ – 1″ bristles to apply emulsion to room box, smaller paintbrush/paintbrushes for painting furniture)

*Lego Bricks Or Similar (to use as support whilst glue dries)

*Blue Biro Pen (for furniture decoration) Or Thin Nibbed Gold Gel Pen

*Tacky Glue (available from  Hobbycraft or art/craft shop)

*Protective Covering For Your Clothes eg. apron, old shirt

*Newspaper (s) if you have them, for additional table protection (this is a messy project)

SPECIAL NOTE: For Those Having Full Kit With Kitchen Room Box – peach matt emulsion paint will be offered (as seen on prototype room box) – Plus I will have an assortment of Matchpots of emulsion for free use. Feel free to bring your own if you wish –   matt emulsion paint is recommended.  Blue, light green & cream are popular colours for this type of kitchen.