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Old Romside Restoration

All these tin pieces have come out of various old dolls houses and all are in a used condition, some considerably so. Romside windows, doors etc. were used not only by certain manufacturers over several decades but were also readily available to purchase so that many homemade dolls houses were built with these in too. Pre-war Romside windows tended not to have the little butterfly handles and contained rod hinges down each side.

Each window frame contains tiny holes for small nails/tacks to fix to dolls house. All windows and doors open unless otherwise stated. Please read the description of condition carefully for the windows and doors, as the examples shown in the photographs are as a guide only. Please take care of sharp edges on windows and doors etc….I remember so often as a child scraping my fingers and knuckles on these. These are not recommended for children nowadays as they will not pass modern health & safety standards.