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Antique Japanese Soft Body Doll With Bisque Head/Legs Doll (missing arms) @ £12.50

Here is an antique Japanese doll with a bisque head, lower legs and feet. It has a stuffed red fabric torso and upper legs but is missing both arms. This little doll deserves to be loved, as it has sadly sat in a box for quite some time. Much of the colouring has been rubbed off the moulded hair and shoes, but there is still colouring on the mouth and eyes. There is still some remnants of the original blue shoe colour. On the bisque back it is embossed MADE IN JAPAN. Overall, this is in a relatively well played with condition. Perhaps someone who is nimble with a needle and thread could make some arms plus some clothing, and bring this back to life. It measures 5” tall. The head is quite chunky in comparison with the rest of the body.

Ref: Antique Japanese Doll Missing Both Arms