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c1930s (?) Antique Art Deco Style  Fireplace With Old Bulb @ £19.50

This old fireplace does remind me of some similar 1930s fireplaces very much with a hint of an Art Deco feel in the design that I have occasionally  seen over the years , but one difference is that I have never seen one of these with a bulb in the grate and a lift up door at the back for a battery to fit in. As I have been trading for 21 years I would say that would make this rather rare?  I am assuming that the little slit above the fire opening was for a metal lever  switch. There was obviously something glued around the bulb at one time as you can see some sort of residue, which I assume was crumpled red cellophane/ tissue paper or some sort of coal detail?  The wooden surround has attractive added embellishments of three green wood strips, which gives this a real Art Deco appearance. This is a delightful and intriguing fireplace. Apart from the points mentioned above, this is in a reasonably good condition, some wear.  Measures 4″ wide x 2 1/4″ at deepest point x 3 1/8″ high.

Ref: Antique Fireplace With Bulb

Suitable for 1/12th scale or possibly 1/16th scale.