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c1930s Pit-a-Pat Fireplace @ £26.00

Here is an instantly recognisable dark stained wooden 1930s Pit-a-Pat fireplace with distinctive wooden beading down each side (the left piece has been fixed just ever so slightly off centre but hardly noticeable), metal decorative grate and a bright red rexine backing behind the grate. On the back is the original red and black paper Pit-a-Pat label. There appears to be a round bulb size hole cut from the backing panel behind the rexine but not sure what that was for as the rexine covers it? In relatively good played with condition. Measures 4 1/2″ wide x 3 1/8″ high x 1 1/4″ at deepest point (ie. mantelpiece)

Ref:  Pit-a-Pat Fireplace Red Back

Suitable for either 1/12th or possibly 1/6th scale dolls house.