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c1930s Taylor & Barrett Metal Gas Cooker @ £35.00SOLD

This is a 1930s metal gas cooker made by Taylor & Barrett. The main carcass is in the original white painted finish. There is an opening metal door, an upper black painted plate rack, plus a metal hob top with moulded detail and two red painted gas rings. Under the hob is a grill space. On the back it has the embossed words MADE IN ENGLAND T&B. Interestingly it also has in pencil 1/3 written on the back which am assuming was relating to either pre decimal price or old shopkeeper’s coding? What is nice is the little side hook on the right-hand side of the hob is still there, useful for a miniature tea towel or oven gloves…this was often snapped off. Overall, this is in a good played with condition, there is some wear. However please note that the right-hand hook where the plate rack slots into, has the end snaped off.  That right-hand hook was susceptible to damage from continual manipulation of the plate rack, in young hands. The plate rack does stay up on its own but if it was nudged, it would drop down. Therefore, I would strongly recommend using a little bit of Gripwax or even just a weeny bit of Tacky Glue, just to give it some additional strength so that it stays in place better, particularly if you are going to stand plates in the rack. It measures 2” wide x 1 ½” deep x 3 7/8” back height x 2 ¼” hob height.

Ref: 1930s T&B Metal Cooker

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.