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Early 1900s F.W.Gerlach Soft Metal Room Screen @ £69.00

Here is a lovely soft metal foldable room screen in original condition, including green material. This is believed to be a German F.W.Gerlach piece from the early 1900s, and is good to see the metal work fully intact, with no breakages. The framework has decorative notches all along the bars with a gilt finish, although some of the gilt has worn off in places. Am assuming the material to be original, there is a little brown staining in places but considering this is over 100 years old I think it can be forgiven. The stitching and thread are a little frayed too. It is a lovely piece. Measures 4 ½” at highest point x 4 ½” wide.

Ref: F.W. Gerlach Soft Metal Room Screen

Suitable for both 1/12th and 1/16th scale dolls houses.