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Early Jill Bennett Scullery Maid Doll In Semi Kneeling Position @ £180.00 SOLD

This doll belonged to a well-known and distinguished personality within the doll’s house world, and was part of their amazing personal dolls house and miniatures collection.  The owner has sadly passed away and it is with reluctance the family are selling. I am on a promise to find good homes for all the wonderful items. 

Here is a truly amazing early Jill Bennett scullery maid doll. Jill was a highly renowned artisan dollmaker, who sadly is no longer with us.

This female doll has a porcelain head with lovely painted features and a pewter body. The doll has cleverly been created to sit in a semi kneeling position, presumably to sit on the floor and cleaning in some way. The doll is beautifully dressed and wigged, as all Jill Bennett’s dolls were. She has been given a smudged nose and slightly sooty face, her hair too has also been created to look a bit untidy. What a character!

She has a high-necked blouse with gathered sleeves, a grey long skirt, lace edged petticoat and bloomers. There is a mucky and somewhat threadbare apron tied around her waist and scrunched in her lap. Her blouse is rather mucky too. I feel she should be cleaning out a fire grate or scrubbing a floor. Her legs and shoes have been painted black, to signify black shoes and black stocking legs. Please note that there is some black paint loss off her shoes and legs, but they can only just be seen. On handling I have noticed that the skirt rises up showing her metal knees, so when placing her in position you may have to adjust this and pull her skirt back to hide her knees. She is in 1/12th scale. 

Ref: Jill Bennett Scullery Maid