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Larger Tri-ang Metal Windows Brown Frame With Acetate  SOLD OUT

Here is a larger version of a metal Tri-ang window from a 1930s dolls house. The frame is in the original brown painted finish and the windows are in a white painted finish. Some of the white windows may have been touched up with white paint in places. All windows still have original acetate glazing and they open fully. Please note that each window is being sold separately, so the above quoted price is for each window. Overall, they are all in a relatively good played with condition, there is some wear and a little rust. This larger version of the Tri-ang window measures 3 7/8” (10cm) x 3 7/8” (10cm) around the outer frame.  They do not come along as often as the smaller version, so a great opportunity to purchase one or more, if you are missing any of them in your old Tri-ang dolls house.

Ref: Larger Tri-ang Metal Window