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Old German Tin Pushchair @ £55.00

Here is a lovely lithographed tin pushchair that has a white painted frame with attractive blue flower image on each side. There is a metal handle and four tin spoked wheels. The interior frame has a moulded criss-cross patterned base and back rest, however this does come with an old filled cushion edged in lace and a stuffed padded base cushion. If one pushes this it does roll along, and even though the wheels are a little rickety it is very charming indeed. Underneath is it marked MADE IN GERMANY. Overall this is in a relatively good but well played with condition, there is some aging and marking to the exterior, including a weeny bit of rust. Exact age of this is unknown, it may be 1930s or post war 1950s, but regardless of age it is lovely, and these do not come along quite so readily these days. It measures 4 ¼” overall length x 1 5/8” width x 2” at highest point (ie. top of handle).

Ref: German Tin Pushchair

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.