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Pair Of Original Tri-ang Brown Cardboard Rectangular Decorative Fronts @ £5.00

If you have a Tri-ang dolls house missing the mock Tudor decorative rectangular fronts, here is an opportunity to purchase two. This pair of c1930s cardboard decoration came from a sad and rather dilapidated No. 62 Tri-ang dolls house, the type with window boxes. They are faded in places, but still useful. Please take note of the dimensions and ensure they fit your dolls house, before ordering. These would have encompassed two Tri-ang metal windows within each one. Each one measures 7 7/8” wide along bottom edge x 3 ¾” high. There are six holes where the original fixing tacks were used to fix this to the front of the dolls house. Each piece is in a well played with condition, some wear and fading.

Ref: Pair Of Tri-ang Rectangular Decorative Fronts