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Rare c1934 Doll Size Dixon Bros. & Wood Ltd. Tin Cabinet Mangle @ £36.50

Please note, this is really a doll size piece and not suitable for most dolls houses, it simply is too big. But rarely are they seen these days and what a lovely item it is. There is a black and white image of this cabinet mangle on page 61 of Marion Osborne’s A-Z 1914 to 1941 Dollshouses book (now out of print). It is shown as part of a 1934 Dixon Bros. & Wood Ltd. advert in “Games & Toys”, alongside other kitchen furniture and appliances.

This is made from tin and comes in a delightful blue painted colour, the top lid is painted white. The lid is supposed to slide on and off along the top but due to its age, it is a bit fiddly to do so, hence I have kept it off to prevent any breakage. I just sit it loosely on the top when the mangle is stored away inside for it then to be used as a cabinet. When you want to erect the mangle, simply take the top off, pull the front flap down, then push the bottom of the mangle at the bottom away from you and then with other hand gently bring the mangle upwards, as seen in the photos. It is a bit fiddly but once you know how to do this, it becomes easier. The rollers are wooden and actually work when you turn the handle. You can see from the bit of rust and stains on the wooden rollers that some previous little owner, probably decades ago, has had great fun putting her wet dolly clothes through this mangle! There is supposed to be a separate metal bowl that would sit underneath to catch water but sadly that is long gone. On the front flap is the embossed logo of D, B & W, plus underneath the embossed words REGD. DESIGN. The white lid has the embossed words MADE IN ENGLAND. Overall, this is in a relatively good played with condition, as it is made of tin and 86 years old, there of course is a little bit of rust, some scratches and marking plus some slight warping of the tin on the right side plus lid, but isn’t it fabulous! Measures 5 ½” tall x 6” wide x 4” deep. When fully erected it measures 7 3/8” high to top of mangle.

Ref: Large Toy Cabinet Mangle

Unless you have a very large scale dolls house, this is more suitable for dolls rather than a dolls house, it is very big.