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Rare c1940 Pit-a-Pat Housemaids Set @ £69.00

Here is a wonderful and increasingly rare 1940 Pit-a-Pat Housemaid Set, comprising of a wooden stand with clips and the complete set of a wooden broom with real bristles, a wooden carpet sweeper with metal wheels and a delightfully fluffy brown woollen mop with wooden handle. On the back of the frame is the Pit-a-Pat ink stamp, which is believed to have been used in 1940, when due to the war, shortages meant they had to abandon the use of the paper labels. This is a piece for the serious Pit-a-Pat collector. It is in a good played with condition, only minor general wear. Stand measures 3” wide x 4 3/8” high. The cleaning tools each measure around 4” in length. What a super item!!!

Ref: Pit-a-Pat Housemaid Set

Possibly suitable for both 1/16th and 1/12th scale dolls house, or old dolls house where scale does not matter.