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Rare Early 1930s Romside Window @ £13.00 Each

Rarely do these early 1930s Romside windows come along. At a glance, you could be forgiven if you thought these were Tri-ang windows…as they are quite similar up to a point. In fact, measurement wise, these windows are exactly the same dimension as a smaller Tri-ang window…..the colouring and opening panels look the same. However, these Romside windows have to be nailed to a dolls house via the nail holes in each corner….Tri-ang windows are slotted in via tabs. More importantly, these Romside windows swivel open via a metal rod on each side of the frame…Tri-ang windows have a tiny metal loop which slots over a hoot top and bottom. The later and more usual Romside windows, as seen below, have metal tab hinges at each side of the frame plus are slightly bigger.

These have come from a dilapidated and very sorry 1930s dolls house, beyond help…and I have had these stored away for a long time but it is time for them to go. All are in a reasonably good played with condition. Outer frame measures 3 1/8″ long x 3 1/8″ ” wide.

Ref: Early 1930s Romside Window