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Nine Vintage Dol-Toi Dolls (In Need Of Clothes Plus Two In Need Of Repair) @ £21.00

Here is a bargain set of nine vintage Dol-Toi dolls. Seven are fully intact with lead feet, limbs and plastic heads so just need attention to their clothes. Most have clothes but they need adding to or tidying up. One doll has become detached from its plaster head although her limbs plus lead feet, and even her green dress are present, so her head needs gluing on in some way. The boy with long blue trousers, terracotta coloured felt jumper and blue scarf needs his right hand repairing, but the rest of him including his blue lead shoes are intact. Bargain bumper  set for someone, who is clever with a needle and thread! 

Ref: Set Of Nine Dol-Toi Dolls