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Single Piece Of Old Dolls House Curtain Wire SOLD

This is a delightful single piece of slightly rusty old curtain wire with hooks each end. There is a miniscule of stretch in it but not much. This would need to fit into a tiny eyelet hook at each end that are fixed above a window – sorry I do not have any eyelets. When straightened out this measures around 7 7/8” (20cm) from the far end tip of each hook. So I am surmising the eyelets need to be approx. 7 ¾” apart. Presumably one of the hooks can be unscrewed from the wire and the wire itself could be shortened. Similarly, this could possibly stretch a teeny bit to fit eyelets at about 8” apart. Hopefully this may be of use to someone, as it is another one of those things that I have had for so long in a box that I cannot even remember where it came from.

Ref: Old Curtain Wire