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The Fireplace Scene SOLD

This is another of my little handmade scenes that I like to think of as a form of recycling, as it is filled with several old and not so old miniature pieces that have  either been damaged in some way or which have sat in a box unused for many years.  But fixed inside this little drawer, they take on a whole new identity, and so begins a whole new chapter in their lives. This is quite a versatile little item, it could be hung on a wall, sit on a mantelpiece or cupboard top, or even sit snugly on a bookshelf in between your books. 

The miniature wooden drawer has come from an antique smokers cabinet, and the walls have been lined with some beautiful antique floral wallpaper that I have had for a long time.  The wooden fireplace is a replica of a c1920s German fireplace which was left over from a whole batch that I made several years ago, based on a real c1920s German dolls house fireplace from my own private collection. An old fashioned fire screen has been made using an antique floral silk from an old cigarette packet. On the mantelpiece sits two British made coloured glass candle holders with imitation candles, a British made painted metal clock and vintage style envelopes. The vase is a modern reproduction that I have had for several years, and the flowers are broken Britains lead flower heads, painted up and glued in place. On the wall is a framed 1920s garden picture, which I think rounds this little scene of nicely.  The drawer measures 7 1/4″ high x 4 5/8″ wide x 2″ depth.

Ref: Fireplace Scene