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Three 1950s Tomac Dolls In Need Of TLC SOLD

Here are three very different Tomac dolls, all from the 1950s, and all in need of some TLC. I hope that a new home can be found for them, because not only have they clearly been much played with, but also much loved. There is a grandma, male adult and a girl Tomac doll.

They all have their distinctive button heads covered in fabric, with drawn on facial features, (including those distinctive eyes to the right), and woollen hair. Their bodies are of wire construction and should have been woollen bound all over, plus all should have had lead shoes. But please note that although the grandma and girl dolls do have their original clothes (grandma has fabric dress and girl has felt clothes), they are both missing the wool from their legs and their lead feet! The girl doll is also missing some wool off her hands, as the ends of the wires can be seen. The male doll is the only one out of the three dolls that still has his lead shoes, albeit the left shoe is kept on by several strands of white cotton! His felt suit appears to have been sewn back together using neat embroidery stitches along every seam in a dark cotton, plus his jacket has lost the weeny buttons that should have adorned the frontage, and instead is sewn together at the front with bright blue cotton.  He still has his embroidered tie and fabric shirt though. Grandma also has wire glasses. Male doll measures 3 ¾” high, grandma doll measures 3 ½” and girl measures 3 ¼”. So, as you can see, they are most definitely in need of some love and attention and I hope someone out there can take them on and breathe new life into them.

Ref: Three Tomac Dolls In Need Of TLC

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house.