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Unknown Pre-loved Artisan Made Female Doll @ £11.50

Here is a curious pre-loved female doll, probably from around late 1990s/early 2000’s and artisan made. Am not sure what the head, hands and feet are made from, but it is light in weight, with painted facial features and painted black shoes, plus artificial hair.  Her limbs and torso feel as if they are woollen covered wire but cannot see them as her clothes are sewn on. She has a mop cap, pink spotty dress, white apron tied up at the back and long slacks/trousers? Her right hand has been made in such a way that it looks like she should be holding something, perhaps a spoon or feather duster. Is she meant to be a cook or maid perhaps? Measures 4” high. A useful doll.

Ref: Pre-loved Artisan Female Doll

Suitable as an adult for 1/16th scale dolls house or perhaps a youngster in 1/12th scale dolls house