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Unusual Antique Large Scale Washing Line Poles & Nine Pegs @ £15.00 SOLD

Here is an antique set of two tall wooden washing line poles and nine dolly pegs. Whoever takes this on will need to add string to replace the missing string, by simply tying and wrapping around the top of each poles where there are little wooden hooks. There are nine pegs, all nicely made so that one can peg the miniature washing to the line. This is more doll size rather than for a dolls house, but could be an amazing prop for a display perhaps or…. could be used in an artistic way and one could peg such as hanging photos or other tiny artefacts from it?  Each pole stands at a height of 9 ¼” and each peg measures 2” long

Ref:  Antique Large Washing Line Poles & Pegs

Most suitable for doll size or large scale dolls house.