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Unusual Old Striped Glass Lampshade @ £32.00

I have not seen one of these before…and it is one of those items that I am reluctant to let go of, but I simply do not have anywhere to put it, and it seems a shame for it to simply sit in a box for another year…so here we are.

I am assuming it is of German origin and old, as it is very similar to the antique German striped dolls house glassware more commonly found. It is simply a slightly fluted glass shade with red, blue and yellow stripes, the colour are quite vibrant. There is no hanging part of any sort, but it should not be too difficult to perhaps fix a tiny piece of fine fuse wire (or similar) or even a tiny metal button,  in order to hang this via a hook from the ceiling. Or indeed, it could be used as a shade for a table lamp. It is in an excellent used condition. Measures 1 1/8” width all the way around (it is not quite circular but more squarish) x 7/8” high. Lovely item!

Ref: Old Striped Glass Lampshade

Possibly suitable for both 1/16th and 1/12th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.