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Unusual Unknown Vintage Georgian Style Doll @ £48.00RESERVED

This is another first for KT Miniatures as in all the years of trading… I have not handled a doll quite like this before !

This little beauty is quite unusual.

It has been skilfully made and dressed very much in the Georgian style, and I have to say that the maker and exact age is unknown. I feel she has been professionally created, but by whom or when, I simply do not know.  The only information I have is that the previous owner bought this in 2005 off a lady who was selling off her vast collection of dolls at her local collector’s fair, but not even she sadly had any information about her age or maker.

She has a fabric head and torso, with woollen bound wired limbs and white painted metal feet with blue ribbon bows. Her woollen hair is beautifully styled with fabric floral decoration, very much in the Georgian era. Her eyes and eyebrows have been eloquently drawn in ink, and she has beautiful embroidered eyelashes in black thread. Her nose is slightly protruding and made within the fabric (not drawn on), her mouth is embroidered in red thread. On the left of her chin she has a tiny beauty spot. She has weeny bead earrings too. Her dress  is stunning, and has been made in different fabrics edged in lace and braid. She has tiny bead decoration on her bodice. The lower front part of her dress has embroidered thread stars with bead decoration. Plus she holds a fan made of lace in her right hand and a matching fabric bag in her left. She also has a fine braid necklace, to the left of the necklace above her bosom is a needle hole in the fabric….maybe a holding thread was once there? She is in an excellent used condition, just a weeny bit of paint loss on her lead shoes. She stands at a height of 6” to the very top of her hair. This is a gorgeous doll!

Ref: Georgian Style Lady Doll

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.