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Vintage Family Of Four Halfpenny Dolls SOLD

Here is a delightful set of four vintage dolls, believed to be Halfpenny Dolls, which were made in Devon (England) from around the 1970s onwards. There is a mother doll in floral dress, father in very snazzy purple felt trousers which are slightly flared (very ‘70’s), young boy in felt dungarees & girl in fabric skirt. They are constructed from woollen bound wire body and limbs with looped feet plus hands. They have stuffed fabric heads, woollen hair and cotton sewn eyes and mouth.  They may have been simply made but are rather charming. Overall, they are mostly in a relatively good played with condition, there is a little wear. Please note that the little girl’s left leg is fragile at the hip joint and will most definitely need some strengthening stitching.  Father doll measures 4” high, mother doll x 3 ¾” high, boy doll x 2 3/8” and girl doll x 2 ¼” high.

Ref: Family Of Halfpenny Dolls

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.