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Antique Kitchen Wooden Range From Tri-ang Dolls House (replacement doors & missing bars) @ £22.00SOLD

Here is an old dark stained wooden kitchen range from an earlier Tri-ang dolls house, and although it has one or two misdemeanours, some of the restoration has been cleverly done. The front central wooden edge by the left door has lost a splinter but it has been disguised by some dark stain.  Plus, two doors have been cleverly made as replacements, from what I think is enamel painted mirror card or something similar – by a previous owner. The bars are missing across the front but replacements could easily be created. Some of this original brick paper is missing off the side edges too. I think we can say that this is in a relatively well played with condition but solid, and perhaps any missing bits could be forgiven, seeing as this is almost 100 years old. So although this has some faults, if you are missing one of these ranges from your antique Tri-ang dolls house, this could be useful to you. The price reflects its niggles.Measures 6 ½” long x 1 ¾” deep x 5” high. 

Ref: Tri-ang Kitchen Range