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Vintage Pink Painted Metal Dol-toi Tea Set (missing one cup and saucer) @ £14.95

Here is a useful vintage pink painted metal tea set by Dol-Toi, consisting of a large teapot with removable lid, sugar bowl, jug, four tea plates, three saucers and three teacups. Please note that one cup and saucer is missing. These are in a relatively good played with condition, however please note that there is some considerable paint missing from the sugar bowl, plus a little paint missing off the jug and particularly off one of the teacups. Also, one of the saucers has a slightly different base to the other two. Teapot measures 7/8″ high x 1 1/4″ wide. Jug measures 3/8″ high, teacups measures just under 3/8″ high, plates measure 1/2″ diameter.  I have always wondered why Dol-Toi made the teapot so big, even for a 1/12th scale dolls house? 

Ref: Pink Dol-Toi Tea Set

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house, possibly 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.