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Vintage Tri-ang Dolls House Staircase (1/16th Scale) @ £9.50

Here is a vintage wooden staircase from an old Tri-ang dolls house. I am told that it came from a No. 62 dolls house, and judging from the size it certainly appears to be 1/16th scale. But please check the measurements of your dolls house before purchasing. Overall, it is in a relatively good played with condition, there is some wear and a little paint loss. With the bottom step at right angles with the floor, the top step is approx. 5 ¼” to ceiling height. The top of the top step in theory should slide under the stair opening and flush under the ceiling, however there may be a teeny bit of jiggling room. 

Ref: Tri-ang Staircase For 5 ¼” Ceiling

Suitable for 1/16th scale Tri-ang dolls house.