All items on this page are of various scales and include not only genuine antique and vintage items, but also may include KT Miniatures handmade vintage style miniatures too.  For ease I have given measurements and where possible also stated what scale I think the item is. Many old dolls houses do not conform and scale is a mismatch. In this case, my advice would be to forget about scale and simply fill your little abodes with what you like.

c1930s  German White Painted Bedroom Suite (4 pieces) @ £42.00

Here is a delightful old white painted wooden bedroom suite consisting of a double wardrobe, dressing table, chair and bed with some bed linen. It is believed to be from the 1930s and of German origin. The wardrobe has two opening doors, the dressing table has two opening drawers and original but slightly tarnished mirror. There is a chair with shaped back and a single bed with a mattress, old floral cover and pretty eiderdown. It may be that the bed linen are a later addition. All are in a good played with condition, some wear to the paintwork. Nice set. Wardrobe measures 4 1/2″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 4″ high. Dressing table measures 4″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 4″ high. Bed measures 4 3/4″ long x 2 3/4″ wide x 1 7/8″ headboard height. Chair measures just under 2″ wide x 1 3/4″ deep x 3 1/4″ back height x 1 1/4″ sitting height.

Ref: German Four Piece Bedroom Suite

Suitable for 1/16th scale and possibly 1/12th dolls house


Antique Metal Bed (over painted) @ £14.50 SOLD

Here is a useful antique German metal bed, believed to originate from the early 1900s. It seems to have been over painted in a dark green paint – you can see the original white paint underneath in patches. The metal headboard and footboard have a swirling design. This is in a relatively well  played with condition, there appears to be an ever so slight warp as the end right foot just slightly lifts off the ground. Plus apart from the over painting, it looks like some fabric cover has at one time been glued to the right side panel, as there is a little fluffy residue. Nevertheless, this could be useful for an antique dolls house. Measures 4″ long x just under 2 1/2″ wide  x 3″ at highest point.

Ref: Antique Metal Bed

Suitable for either 1/16th or 1/12th scale dolls house

Early 1900s German “Nothing Too Good For Me” Chamber Pot With Original Toilet Roll @ £14.00 SOLD

What a fabulous novelty item this is….guaranteed to make you smile!  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never seen one with an accompanying toilet roll before.  This china chamber pot with gold rim, has the words “Nothing Too Good For Me” in gold letters around the side. Underneath it is marked MADE IN GERMANY. The tightly rolled paper fits snugly into the pot.  Measures 3/4″ high x 7/8″ in diameter.

Ref: German Novelty Chamber Pot & Toilet Roll

Suitable for 1/12th or 1/16th scale dolls house.

Vintage Three Piece Bedroom Suite @ £15.00

This is an unusual dark blue painted wooden three piece bedroom set, exact age unknown but came with some 1930s – early 1950s dolls house items so am assuming this is of the same era.  Origin unknown, it may be handmade but could also have been commercially made – has been nicely done.  This set consists of a blue painted wardrobe with opening door, single bed with blue painted head and foot boards. A blue painted wooden dressing table with a non opening imitation door with nail handles  and a fixed mirror. The mirror is heavily tarnished as you can see and at one time, I suspect this was fixed as a swivel mirror, as there is a tiny hole either side of the back uprights. Nowadays the mirror is fixed. Overall this is in a good played with condition, some wear and marks, plus of course the mirror is tarnished as mentioned above. Wardrobe measures 3 1/4″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 5″ high. Bed measures 5 1/2″ long x 2 3/4″ deep x 1 1/4″ mattress height x 2 1/2″ at highest point ie. headboard. Dressing table measures 2 3/4″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 4″ high.

Ref: Vintage Blue Three Piece Bedroom Suite

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house

Antique German Wooden Dressing Table @ £42.00

This is an elegant dark varnished wooden dressing table, believed to be German and probably originating from around c1910. It has two large opening drawers but the two small drawer fronts are for effect only and do not open. There is an upper shelf which would look fabulous adorned with tiny toiletry items. The mirror is in good condition and the top of the dressing table has a nice curved arched top. Very nice indeed. This is in a good played with condition, some wear to the exterior – most noticeable there is a scratch on the wood just under the mirror frame – above the top shelf. However, as this is around 100 years old I think it can be forgiven. Lovely item. Measures 3 1/2″ wide x 2 1/4″ at deepest point x 5 1/2″ back height x 2 1/2″ to dressing table worktop height.

Ref: Antique German Wooden Dressing Table

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

c1920s-1930s German Large Scale Dressing Table @ £29.95

Here is a quite unusual wooden dressing table, believed to be German and is quite distinctive in style. Am assuming this originates from the 1920s- 1930s, as it has an Art Deco air about it. The two large metal drawer handles are lovely and quite decorative. The middle drawer handles are the more usually seen tacks.  All three drawers open. The mirror is fixed and relatively good condition,  but please note that the top of the wooden frame around the mirror is a little askew. I can only think that this mirror was a replacement but due to it being a little on the large side for the original frame, the previous owner decided to stick it on as best they could. I think it gives this a rather lovely quirky finish to this and just makes me smile! The feet are round pieces of wooden dowelling. This is bigger than the usual 1/12th scale and am not sure what scale we can call this as scale is a little all over the place with this. It measures 5 1/2″ high x 1 3/4″ dressing table worktop height x 5 1/2″ wide x 1 5/8″ deep. The middle front drawers and mirror frame has a mottled brown painted finish, and the rest of the dressing table is painted in a white finish. Overall this is in a good played with condition. Lovely item.

Ref: German Art Deco Dressing Table

Scale All Over Place  So Would Suit Large Scale Dolls House Or Old Dolls House Where Scale Does Not Matter

Homemade Vintage Bedside Cupboard @ £3.00 SOLD

Here is a simple homemade wooden bedside cupboard created from a block of wood, cut and carved, then painted in cream gloss paint. It has a door and drawer effect slightly carved into the wood, complete with a tiny tack drawer handle and bent pin/staple door handle. Origin is unknown but it appears to be quite old. Underneath there is a child’s pencil scribble. Overall this is in a well played with condition, some chipping to the paintwork and there is a scrape on the front of the cupboard, but nevertheless this has a certain charm and could be useful to someone. Measures 1 1/4″ wide x 1″ deep x 2″ high.

Ref: Homemade Bedside Cupboard

Suitable for either 1/12th scale dolls house or possibly 1/16th scale too


Old German Set Of Two Beds & Bedside Cupboards @ £10.50 SOLD

Here is a useful old wooden bed and bedside cupboard German set,  possibly pre-war?The set consists of two wooden single beds, and two bedside cupboards, in  a golden varnish finish. Neither bed is completely perfect, each base appears to slope slightly  upwards from the headboard to the footboard…as seen in the photos. Is barely noticeable, particularly if you are viewing the beds with head and footboards facing you, but if this matters to you, please do not order!  Each cupboard is open backed and has a mock non opening door. There is some wear to the varnished exterior on all pieces, including a scratch on one of the cupboard fronts. The original tack handles are present, albeit one is slightly bent. Each bed measures 5 1/8″ long x 3 1/4″ wide x headboard 2 1/8″ high. Each cupboard measures 2″ high x 1 3/4″ at widest point x 1 1/4″ at deepest point. These came with the old wardobe listed above…but I have deliberately split the set as I am so often asked for separate beds and separate wardrobes.

Ref: Two German Beds & Bedside Cupboards

Possibly suitable for either 1/12th or 1/16th scale – please check the measurements.

c1920s-30s German Tin Washstand @ £25.00

This is a gorgeous tin washstand with upper shelf and mirror, has MADE IN GERMANY printed on the side. The lithograped imagery is delightful – I particularly like the image of a towel hanging a rail on each side! The mirror is showing a little wear but overall, apart form the usual bumps and scrapes to the exterior, this is in a good played with condition.

I am a great fan of vintage tin dolls house furniture and this is really lovely! NB. The depth is a little more exagerated than the normal 1/12th scale washstand, so please take note of the measurements before ordering to ensure, that this will fit your requirements. . Measures 4 1/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep x 4 5/8″ high. The washstand worktop is 2 1/4″ high.

Ref:A-German Tin Washstand

Suitable for 1/12th Scale