Welcome To The World Of KT Miniatures - Established in 1997 - Now In Our 28th Year Of Trading

About Us

My name is Celia Thomas and welcome to KT Miniatures….

Having been born and bred in Gloucester, and with five older brothers (no sisters) to contend with, I found my beloved dolls house made by my grandfather a haven for me to escape! As I embarked on a career in nursery nursing in the mid 1970s, part of the training was learning the basics of woodwork using “real tools” in order to make children’s toys. Then for coursework, whilst having to construct a toy out of junk…in a flash of inspiration, I made a fully furnished Victorian dolls house out of a cardboard box and household junk. The seed was well and truly planted!

Over the years my craft skills evolved and were stretched whilst working with children in various establishments in and around London, having met and married Dave by the late 1970s. By the time I had two young sons, I was constructing an endless quantity of children’s dolls houses to earn much needed cash. Then along came my daughter and having scratch built more than 50 children’s houses over the years for friends of friends, etc., I increasingly became more fascinated with producing what goes inside dolls houses rather than the houses themselves. Hence in January 1997 KT Miniatures was born. By then I was becoming a passionate collector of old dolls house items and eventually began to sell these too.

I deal mostly with antique/vintage dolls houses and related old miniature items these days, although occasionally you may find one or two of my vintage style creations for sale on the website. Working from my Oxfordshire home I deal primarily by mail order now. Having once been organiser of the Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair along with husband Dave, it was the one fair that KT Miniatures had been attending in most recent times.

Sadly, in the summer of 2016, Dave passed away after a long illness. Also in 2016, due to the retirement of my “Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops” partner Robin Britton, our joint workshops venture finally closed its doors after several brilliant years. Workshops eventually started again under the banner of KT Miniatures, including one at Denman College , but then Covid came along, all came to a halt, and Denman closed for good.  However, the Old Potting Shed Workshop finally took place at a new venue in Thame in 2023, and several workshops for 2024 are also planned in Thame. CLICK HERE FOR UP TO DATE DETAILS

Meanwhile, you can also find me once a month at the Haddenham Antique & Vintage Fair, where I have a stand filled with antique, vintage and preloved dolls house items. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS