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 Miniature Workshops

Due to Covid, all my planned future workshops from early 2020 onwards (including those that were due to take place at Denman College) had to be cancelled…and sadly now Denman College has closed permanently due to circumstances.  I had hoped to get going again with my own workshops in Thame (Oxfordshire) in 2022, but the continuing logistical difficulties have prevented me from doing so.  However, optimistically I am considering running the cancelled Old Potting Shed project (please see below) as the first workshop project in 2023 in Thame, so please watch this space for details. Meanwhile, if you are interested in possibly attending that workshop, please get in touch, as I am collating a waiting list. Email: info@ktminiatures.com or ring 01844 212520.

KT Miniatures’ workshops are suitable for absolute beginners and experienced crafters alike. Work at your own pace in a calm and friendly environment,  plus learn new alternative techniques using readily available/recycled materials to create beautiful miniature scenes.