All items on this page are of various scales and include not only genuine antique and vintage items, but also KT Miniatures handmade vintage style miniatures too.  For ease I have given measurements and where possible also stated what scale I think the item is. Many old dolls houses do not conform and scale is a mismatch. In this case, my advice would be to forget about scale and simply fill your little abodes with what you like.

c1800s Evans & Cartwright Metal Range (missing the right plate cover)SOLD

Here is a rare circa 1800s Evans & Cartwright metal cooking range. If you have a genuine antique Victorian dolls house then this is a super opportunity to purchase an original 19th century range! As you can see from the photo, the top right hand plate cover is missing. plus a tiny edge piece of the left back decorative corner has been snapped off, but other than a little rust , it is in reasonably good condition. .  A range exactly like this appears on page 129 of Liza Antrim’s FAMILY DOLLS HOUSES. Measures  5 3/8″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 5″ high x 3 1/2″ range plate top high. A wonderful piece of history.

Ref: Evans & Cartwright Metal Range

Suitable for larger scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

Antique Turned Wooden Decorated Tureen (missing handle) @ £12.00

This increasingly rare item  is made from turned wood and dates from the late 1800s/early 1900s. It has a painted cream background with hand painted blue decoration, and the lid is removable.  Please note that it is missing one handle and paint loss, but nevertheless it is still rather lovely and could be useful to someone.  If you have an antique dolls house this could be displayed with the tureen turned in such a way that you cannot instantly see the missing handle?  Measures 1 1/2″ high x 1 3/4″ overall width.

Ref: Blue & Cream Tureen

Suitable for larger scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

Antique Large Scale Saucepan With Lid @ £12.00

Here is la delightful large scale black painted metal saucepan with original unpainted metal lid.  This came with a c1800s range so am assuming that this is of the same era. There is some paint loss plus some metal fatigue in pan base,  but generally this is in a reasonably good played with condition. Measures  1 3/4″ high to top of lid handle x 3 1/2″ wide to end of handle x 1 1/2″ base diameter.

Ref: Large Scale Saucepan With Lid

Suitable for larger scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter


Antique Wooden Bucket @ £6.50

Here is a very useful turned wooden bucket with metal handle. Believed to be of German origin and from the late 1800s/early 1900s. Nice useful item, in a good played with condition. Measures 2″ high to top of handle when  fully upright.

Ref: German Wooden Bucket

Suitable for both 1/16th and 1/12th scale dolls house

Tiny Antique Japanese Wooden Bowl @ £6.95 SOLD

Here is an exquisite tiny wooden decorated bowl, believed to be Japanese and came with a set of circa 1920s dolls house furniture. The colourful decoration and tiny Japanese writing around the bowl exterior is lovely. In a good played with condition. Measures 3/4″ in diameter and 5/16″ high.

Ref: Tiny Antique Japanese Bowl

Suitable for both 1/12th & 1/16th scale dolls house

Vintage Miniature Japanese Wooden 6 Piece (Plus Two Lids) Tea Set @ £14.50

This is a deligthful wooden decorative Japanese tea set. Have no idea how old this but there is certainly some age. The colours, particularly  the pink flower on the teapot is gloriously vibrant! The set consists of a teapot with removable lid, sugar bowl with removable lid, two saucers and two cups.  Each have some sort of decoration painted on. Overall this set is in a good played with condition. To give an idea of size, the teapot measures 1 1/4″ high, sugar bowl measures 3/4″ high, teacups measure 1/2″ high and saucers are 7/8″ in diameter.

Ref: Japanese Wooden Decorated Tea Set

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house and possibly 1/16th scale

Large Scale Packets & Tin Scales From VintageToy  Baking Set @ £14.50

These accompanied a set of c1950s dolls house items, and the previous owner said that they were part of her old toy baking set. So please note that all these items are quite large scale, not normal dolls house size but nevertheless quite charming. There are four cardboard packets : Tate & Lyle Preserving Suga, Tate & Lyle Coffee Sugar, Tate & Lyle Cube Sugar and Atora Shredded Beef Suet. Plus there is a set of tin scales with a brown painted moveable top part. Overall these are in a well played with condition, some wear and please note that all three Tate & Lyle packets have childlike writing of the price on the top, plus on the back they have “cheif (1)” written…am sure it meant something to the previous owner:). This cannot be seen from the front. On the back of the Atora packet there is the price 1 s written by a child. Personally I just think this adds to the charm of these and just makes me smile. These could actually also be useful for an old large scale dolls house, or perhaps an old dolls house where scale does not matter, or even an old larger scale shop or store. The sugar packets each measure 2 1/2″ high x 7/8″ deep x 1 1/2″ wide. The Atora box is slightly smaller at 2″ long x 1 1/4″ high x 5/8″ deep. The scales measures 3 3/4″ long x 5/8″ high.

Ref: Vintage Large Scale Baking Set

Suitable for large scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

Unusual Vintage Metal?/Tin?/Brass? German Bottle Large Scale @ £9.50

Here is  very unusual large scale metal/tin/brass? bottle (not sure quite what it is made of but is light in weight). On the bottom it is marked MADE IN GERMANY. It came with some  old large scale shop items ranging from c1930s through to 1950s. I am unsure on exact age of this and have not seen one quite like this before but it could be useful to someone who has a large scale dolls house or an old dolls house or shop where scale does not matter. Stands at a height of 2 1/2″ so it is big. Overall it is in a good played with condition, some wear.

Ref: Unusal German Bottle

Suitable for large scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

Antique Blue Parian Pot @ £7.50

This rather lovely antique blue Parian pot is believed to originate from the early 1900s and could be a useful addition for the kitchen or pantry of an antique dolls house. It is fully intact  including both handles, which is refreshing as these are so often chipped or broken.  There is a delightful embossed detail on the exterior. It is in a good played with condition. Measures 1 3/8″ high. Nice item.

Ref: Blue Parian Pot

Suitable for 1/12th scale or old dolls house where scale does not matter

Vintage Large Scale Miniature Cutlery Basket ( no cutlery) @ £4.00

Here is a vintage metal and some sort of green mesh cutlery basket, in a good played with condition. There is no cutlery and please note that this is in a large scale, but could be useful to someone. Age and origin unknown. Measures 2 1/2″ long x 1 5/8″ deep x 3/4″ high (excluding handle).

Ref: Large Scale Cutlery Basket

Suitable for large scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

Set Of Five Vintage Plaster Food Assorted @ £18.50

Here is an assortment of five separate vintage plaster food items, not sure of maker? Possibly Kays for one or two of them? The set consists of a pie,  a fruit flan, a plate of cakes, a plate with two fried eggs & bacon and a plate of fish and chips. Overall these are in a relatively good played with condition, although as you can see there is some wear – particularly on the fruit flan. To give an indication of size, the pie measures 7/8″ long x 5/8″ wide x 3/8″ high. Three of the plates approx measure 7/8″ in diameter. The fruit flan is the smallest measuring 3/4″ in diameter.

Ref: Five Plaster Food Items

Suitable for 1/16th scale and 1/12th scale dolls houses

c1930s German Wooden Kitchen Chair @ £4.00

This is a simple and useful unvarnished wooden kitchen chair. It came with a dresser, which was sold separately, so I would say that this is of the same German origin and probably c1930s. In excellent played with condition. Measures sitting height 1 1/2″ x 2″ widest point x 1 3/4″ deep x 3 1/2″ back height.

Ref: Wooden Kitchen Chair

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house

KT Miniatures Handmade German Style Shelf With Replica Delft Style Papers  @ £24.00 SOLD

Here is a handmade vintage wooden German style kitchen shelf with replica Delft style papers, which were originaly inspired by an old German dresser from my own private collection. This is of slightly off white painted wooden construction. My replica Delfty style papers are fixed to the back of the shelf and long the bottom, four slightly oversized metal tacks (like the original dresser) have been fixed along the bottom panel for hanging utensils, etc. Measures 3 7/8″ at widest point x 3 3/4″ at highest point x 1″ deep.

Ref: Vintage Style German Shelf Handmade

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter

c1950s DCMT Crescent Mottled Grey Metal Cooker @ £39.50

This is a wonderful 1/12th scale grey speckled metal cooker, with an opening door that reveals both removable interior shelves, which is refreshing to see as they were so often lost. The cooker is in an overall excellent good played with condition, showing only minor wear to the exterior. The little rack at the top is very useful for displaying saucepans, etc. Lovely item! Measures 2 1/8″ wide x 4 1/4″ in height x 1 1/4″ deep

Ref: Grey DCMT Crescent Cooker

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house

Large Scale Vintage Pair Of Aluminium Pans @ £5.50

These vintage pans originate from the 1950s and are believed to be made from aluminium, they are certainly light in weight . One is a saucepan with long handle and the other pan has two side handles. The saucepan measures 1 5/8″ in diameter and 3/4″ high. The larger pan measures 3/4″ in diameter and 1″ high, so they are certainly large scale.

Ref: Pair Of Large Scale Pans

Suitable for the larger scale dolls house

c1950s Brimtoy Tin Kitchen Dresser @ £13.50

This is a delightful tin dresser made by Brimtoy in the 1950s, with distinctive and quite attractive printed details as seen in the photos. There is one upper shelf with gorgeous printed details given the illusion that there are various plates, cups, jugs and cannisters displayed. The worktop is in a lovely black and white chequred finish and on the lower half there are further imitation printed details of several drawers but the sliding doors are real and do actually slide open, albeit a little stiff!  Overall this is in a good played with condition, there is a weeny scratch on the left sliding door as seen. Measures 3 1/4″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep x 4″ high.

Ref: Brimtoy Dresser

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house

Vintage Crested Part Tea Set @ £8.50

Here are a few useful pieces of a vintage china City Of London Crested tea set. The set consists of a jug, sugar bowl, two cups and saucers – all with the City Of London crest. The jug measures 1″ high, the sugar bowl measures 3/4″ high x 1 1/4″ diameter, each saucer measures 1 3/8″ diameter and each measures 5/8″ high. Overall these are in a good played with condition, with just one or two nibbles – particularly on the saucers. Not sure how old these are but probably at least 40 years but could be much older?

Ref: Crested Part Tea Set

Suitable for old dolls house where scale does not matter.

c1950s Kleeware Plastic Kitchen Set (six pieces) @ £10.50

Here is a delightful all plastic 1950s Kleeware kitchen set, consisting of a green table and two chairs, a cooker, sink and fridge. The pieces are all hollow moulded plastic and the detail on these pieces are quite sweet indeed. All doors and doors are only imitation and do not open, they are for effect only. To give an idea of size, the table measures 3 1/2″ long x 2 1/4″ wide x 1 3/4″ hign. The worktop height on both the cooker and sink measure 2 1/8″ high. Overall this is in a good played with condition, just a little wear. The sink draining board has an ever so slight warp but is not too detrimental to the overall effect. A nice useful set for someone.

Ref: 1950s Kleeware Kitchen Set

Suitable for 1/16th scale

Vintage Brassware Set Including Goblets, Bottle & Soda Syphon @ £9.95

Here is a useful vintage brassware set consisting of solid brass soda syphon, wine bottle, three small goblets, two larger goblets and a medium size goblet that although metal/brass(?), it appears of a slightly different design but as it came with this set, am including it in this sale. To give idea of size, the bottle measures 1 7/8″ high, the soda syphon measures 1 3/4″ high and the smallest of the goblets measures 1/2″ high.

Ref:A-Vintage Brassware Set

Most Suitable For 1/12th Scale Or Dolls House Where Scale Does Not Matter

Ornate Early 1900s German Metal Teapot (missing knob off top of lid) & Jug @ £11.00

Here is a charming ornate little early 1900s metal German teapot with removable lid and matching jug. These twp pieces have come from the same teaset but sadly all other pieces are missing. Please note that although these are in an overall good played with condition, there appears to be a knob or handle missing off the top of the lid, asthere is a tiny hole on the very top ridge of the lid which suggests that there should have been something there? Because of this, the price has been greatly reduced so a bargain for someone. Teapot stands at height of 1 1/2″ and the jug measures 7/8″ at heighest point.

Ref:A-German Teapot & Jug

Suitable For 1/12th scale Or In A Dolls House Where Scale Does Not Matter

Vintage Large Scale Scrubbing Brush With Delightful Nursery Image On Back @ £13.50

This is truly delightful. Here is a large scale wooden scrubbing brush with real bristles…looks ordinary enough. But when you turn it over, there is a gorgeous vintage paper image of a little nursery scene…with what I believe is the Turkish flag? Quite unusual, quirky and exquisite. Age and maker unknown but probably early 1900s. Bristles are a bit worn. Measures just under 2″ long.

Ref:A-Vintage Scrubbing Brush

Suitable For Larger Scale Dolls House Or Where Scale Does Not Matter

Vintage Slightly Larger Scale Heavy Metal Iron & Stand @ £13.95

Here is a sweet little very heavy metal black painted iron and decorative metal stand. Age and make unknown….but quite old! The paintwork on the iron is slightly chipped but this is a nice set. It is just slightly larger than your average 1/12th scale iron so please take note of measurements. Iron measures just slightly more than 1″ long x 3/4″ at widest point. Stand measures 1 7/8″ long x 1″ at widest point.

Ref:A-Vintage Heavy Metal Iron & Stand

Possibly Suitable For 1/12th Or An Old House Where Scale Does Not Matter

Circa 1930s Small China Kitchen Suite @ £13.50

This is a very old pre war china kitchen suite, marked FOREIGN, comprising of a cooker, kitchen cupboard and sink. Lovely set. All pieces are in a good played with condition. Please note that their scale is all over the place and would suit an antique dolls house where scale does not matter. Cooker in comparison to the other items is a bit bigger in scale- width 1 1/8″ wide x 1 1/8″ deep x 2 3/8″ high. Sink measures 2″ high x 2 1/4″ wide x 1″ deep. Cupboard measures 2″ wide x just under 1″ deep x 1 3/8″ high.

Ref:A-1930s Small China Kitchen Suite

Suitable For Small 1/16th Scale Or Smaller

Antique A.S.Cartwright c1930s “Gwenda”Metal Cutlery Set (incomplete) & Basket Plus Box @ £19.50

This is a gorgeous 1930s “Gwenda” boxed cutlery set – which includes a wire mesh cutlery tray, four knives, three forks, three spoons plus the original box with the lovely “Gwenda” trademark image. So please note that one of the forks and one of the spoons are missing but overall this is in a good played with condition. Amazing that only two pieces of cutlery are missing and that it has survived with box for so long at all. The box has the lovely “Gwenda” image on the front of the very pretty green box, the corners of the box lid and box base have been reinforced with tiny strips of Sellotape. On the underside of the box in pen is a delightful handwritten note saying “To Doreen From Auntie Winnie wishing you a very Happy Xmas”. To give an indication of size – this is more like a dolls cutlery set than a dolls house set to be honest, but the cutlery measures 2 1/4″ each. The cutlery tray measures 2 1/2″ long x 2 1/4″ wide.

Ref:A–Gwenda Cutlery Set

Suitable For 1/10th Or Larger Scale Or Vintage Dolls House Where Saclae Does Not Matter

Vintage Kaybot/Kays Fruit Flan On Plate @ £5.50

Here is a lovely vintage plaster fruit flan on a plate. Made by either Kaybot or the later Kays.In a reasonably good played with condition, a couple of nibbles to the plaster hence the price has been reduced a little to reflect this. Measures 1 1/4″ in diameter.

Ref:A-Fruit Flan On Plate

Suitable For Both 1/12th & 1/16 Scales

Pair Of Antique Brown Glasses @ £16.00

Here are two tall and extremely delicate deep brown glass drinking vessels believed to be Victorian and are in a good played with condition. One measures 1 1/4″ high and the other just ever so slightly smaller at just under 1 1/4″ high.

Ref:TRAY 1 – Pair Brown Glasses

Suitable For 1/12th scale Or In A Smaller Dolls House Where Scale Does Not Matter

Antique Glass Bottle With Handle & Beige Seal @ £9.50

This delightfully shaped antique bottle with handle, has a cork fixed into place with a beige seal. Measures 1 1/4″ tall, in excellent played with condition.

Ref:TRAY 1 – Bottle With Beige Seal

Suitable For 1/12th Scale Or Larger Scale Dolls House Or For Display In An Antique/Vintage Miniature Store

KT Miniatures Handmade Heavily Aged Vintage Style Green Painted Wooden Box Filled With Cleaning Products & Items @ £15.00

Here is a heavily aged wooden box painted green, filled with relevant cleaning items and products, including mock brush, polish, rags, duster, etc. on top of an old newspaper – in the usual KT Miniatures style. All items fixed. Suitable for kitchen/scullery. Box measures approx. 1 3/8″ x 1 1/6″ x 1/2″.

Ref: Vintage Style Wooden Box Of Cleaning Items

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Suitable For 1/12th Scale Or Old Dolls House Where Scale Does Not Matter