All items on this page are of various scales and include not only genuine antique and vintage items, but also KT Miniatures handmade vintage style miniatures too.  For ease I have given measurements and where possible also stated what scale I think the item is. Many old dolls houses do not conform and scale is a mismatch. In this case, my advice would be to forget about scale and simply fill your little abodes with what you like.

Rare Early 1900s German Soft Metal Crib & Stand @ £85.00 SOLD

Here is an absolutely gorgeous rare antique soft metal crib and decorative stand. The main crib body is made from soft metal  with tall metal drape support. The lace drape, side covering and internal bedding appears to be original to the crib – very pretty. There is an added touch of a blue embroidered flowers at the very top of the drape. The base of the crib is brown card and underneath it has the printed origin mark – MADE IN GERMANY. Hidden away underneath the side covering you can see that the crib’s main soft metal body is rather decorative in its own right. The crib sits snugly onto the soft metal stand, which is also rather decorative.  Overall, this is in a good played with condition, however please note that one connecting lower side bar of the stand is missing, and one leg has been re-glued to the stand’s main frame, but regardless, this stands beautifully and the damage is hardly noticeable. Seeing as this is approx. 100 years old and the soft metal is incredibly fragile, it is absolutely amazing this has survived at all.  With the crib sitting on the stand the measurements are 4 ” to top of drape x 1 1/4″ wide x 2 3/4″ long.

Ref: German Soft Metal Crib & Stand

Suitable for both 1/12th & 1/16th  scale dolls house

Antique Metal Pushchair In Gilt Painted Finish @ £24.00 SOLD

Here is a very old metal pushchair in the original gilt painted finish. Possibly of French origin and  possibly Simone & Rivollet, which make this early 1900s. This is a solid piece, it folds flat when not in use and is in completely full and original condition. There is some wear to the painted gilt colour. Nice item. Measures 2 1/2″ long when fully erected x 1 1/4″ at widest point x 2″ high to top of handle.

Ref: Metal Pushchair

Possibly suitable for both 1/16th & 1/12th scale dolls house.

Antique Cradle & Bisque Doll @ £28.00 SOLD

Here is a basketware cradle with unusual turquoise supporting insert around the edges. The old bisque doll head, body and legs are all as one but the arms are jointed. Her moulded facial features and hair have been painted on.  It came with a bunch of antique dolls house items that date between the late 1800s and 1930s, but am assuming it dates from around the 1930s?  There is no makers mark  but believe to be either of Japanese origin or German. Sorry I cannot be more definitive. There is a tiny piece of fabric laid in the base of the cradle plus an attractive square blanket made from braid,  which all came with this. There are two tiny carrying handles on the sides of the cradle. Overall the cradle and doll are in a good played with condition. Doll measures 2 1/2″ high. The cradle measures 3″ long x 1 7/8″ wide x 2″ to highest point. This is a really charming item.

Ref: Bisque Doll & Cradle

Suitable for 1/12th scale dolls house and possibly 1/16th scale.

Vintage Assorted Plastic Pram, Doll & Tiny Baby Bath @ £10.50

Here is an assorted set of three nursery items, probably all different makers. There is a pink plastic pram with movable wheels and hood.  Also included is a tiny plastic doll in a sitting position and a tiny hard plastic baby bath. These are in a good played with condition.  On the bottom of the pram it is marked MADE IN USA ACME. On the back of the doll I think it says ENG. There is no makers mark on the baby bath. This set could be used in a 1/24th scale dolls house or as tiny dolls in the nursery of a 1/12th scale dolls house. To indicate size, the baby bath measures 2″ long, the doll measures 1 3/8″ high, and the pram measures 2 3/4″ long from hood to tip of fixed handle x 2″ high to top of hood. Nice useful set for someone.

Ref: Small Plastic Pram, Baby & Baby Bath

Suitable for 1/16th scale or possibly 1/12th as toys.

1950s Kleeware Red Plastic Pram & Tiny Doll @ £13.50

Here is a lovely version of a red hard plastic Kleeware pram from the 1950s. It is refreshingly fully intact and original condition with the pram hood, handle and four white rotating plastic wheels. I have seen so many of these prams with cracks and broken bits! It came with a tiny rubber doll (from Barton I think) and homemade pillow so I am including them with the pram. Overall in good played with condition. Measures 3 1/2″ long from tip of handle to far end of pram hood x 1 1/2″ wide x 2 3/4″ high. Nice item.

Ref: Kleeware Pram & Doll

Suitable for both 1/16th scale and possibly 1/12th scale

Vintage Plastic Doll, Printed Box, Vintage School Poster & Books @ £14.50

This little fixed set contains a genuine vintage miniature plastic doll in original pink dress, a variety of my handmade vintage style books including a 1950s children’s dictionary and also a vintage school poster. Suitable from 1950s era onwards. Measures 2 1/2″ at widest point x 2 1/4″ high.

Ref: Doll, Box, Poster & Books

1930s Homemade Wooden Cot @ £4.95

Here is a very useful litte dark brown painted wooden cot. It is homemade from old packing case wood and if you take a look inside, you can still make out the stencilled lettering on the wood. It is quite crudely made but quite sweet. Cot measures 2 1/2″ long x 1 5/8″ wide x 2 1/4″ high..

Ref:A-Old Cot

Suitable For 1/12th Scale Or Possibly 1/16th Scale

KT Miniatures Handmade Set Of Seven Tiny Antique Style Toy Bricks, Fixed As Seen @ £14.00

This is a teeny set of seven vintage style nursery bricks, fixed together as seen. Suitable from late 1800s onwards. Measures 1 1/4″ wide x just over 3/4″ high.

Ref: Set Of Seven Tiny Antique Style Bricks

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KT Miniatures Handmade Vintage Lithograph Style Elephant Toy On Wheels, Fixed To Vintage Style Box, Ephemera & Three Vintage Children’s Books @ £14.00

This is an unusal vintage lithograph type elephant toy on wheels, fixed to a vintage style toy box, which in turn is fixed to three vintage style children’s books and some ephemera. Could be useful to sit on top of cupboard, inside a cupboard shelf, under a bed or simply stand alone on a floor. Measures approx. 2 1/4″ wide x 2 3/4″ deep x 1 1/4″ high.

Ref: Elephant On Box & Books

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