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A Collection Of Four Antique Beatrice Hindley Plants

These were genuine antique flowers in pots that were created by Beatrice Hindley in the circa 1920s and were sold as seen by KT Miniatures, a long time ago now. They are extremely rare and valuable.

Beatrice was a friend of Gertrude Jekyll, the infamous garden designer and horticulturist, who when asked to design the garden for Queen Mary’s dolls house, enlisted Beatrice and her sister for help. The plants were created out of thin brass shim and other alloys, then painted in oil paints. Each of the pots have been turned out of wood. I think it is worth mentioning that the wooden pots were prone to crack over time but I think that Beatrice’s work is so beautiful, that any of her creations could be forgiven for the odd wrinkle or two!

The detail that Beatrice put into her plants is simply amazing and apparently she spent hours at Kew Gardens studying the plants in order to make hers as accurately as possible.The photos probably don’t do these old plants justice but I can assure you, they looked absolutely stunning in real life. Beatrice Hindley plants and flowers are for the serious antique dolls house collector and rarely do they come along these days to purchase. If they do ever appear at auction, they can individually fetch extremely high prices.

There were four separate plants that came in this particular collection, consisting of anemones in a white bowl handpainted in Beatrice’s distinctive blue design,  a blue painted bowl of narcissi, a green painted bowl of crocuses, and tulips in a white pot handpainted also in Beatrice’s distinctive blue design.

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