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Miniature Nursery “Playtime” Scene Inside An Antique Wardrobe By KT Miniatures @ £69.00

This little fixed scene is perfect for sitting on a shelf or cupboard top, it could even be hung on the wall.

Here is a tiny nursery scene made inside a lovely antique dolls house wardrobe that was missing its door, and which I had kept because I just couldn’t just throw it away as there was something rather charming about it. And anyway, it dated from the late 1800s so deserved to be preserved. But in its present form without a door, it was useless to anyone. However, I then came up with the idea of filling it with all kinds of vintage, pre-loved and handmade items that I’d had tucked away unused in the darkest corners of my old workroom for a long time. I had so much fun rummaging through all my old forgotten boxes of “stuff” and slowly this scene evolved.

The large vintage German celluloid doll in her original spotty dress is holding a pre-loved artisan made sailor doll and miniature teddy bear of unknown origin. In the vintage Dol-Toi chair is a pre-loved tiny doll in pretty white dress and shoes, holding a book made by artisan Ellie de Lacey. On the floor the vintage style nursery bricks and 1930s style push along dog, were both made by KT Miniatures and used to be part of our mail order range several years ago. Sitting on the floor are two vintage dolls, and the scrap of embroidered carpet is also vintage. Long standing KT Miniatures customers may recognise the 1930s wallpaper lining the back, as it was part of a range of antique wallpaper that we used to sell. The embroidered “Bless This House” picture is pre-loved, so too the mirror. The wardrobe measures 4 ½” at widest point x 3” deep x 6 ¾” to top of pelmet. I decided to leave the oak wardrobe exterior in its original form along with all the delightful bumps and scrapes, as I felt that they were all part of its very long history and part of its character. So instead of painting it, which had been my original plan, I simply waxed it to help give it a little shine.

I hope that this old wardrobe and its unique contents can be given a new home and be enjoyed.

Ref:  Miniature Playtime Scene