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Vintage Tri-ang Four Piece Bedroom Set @ £39.00

These four little much loved vintage Tri-ang gems came together, so I am selling them together. The set consists of a red plastic bed with moulded mock red button effect headboard & two mattresses (the top is removable); a brown plastic dressing table with imitation mirror and five opening drawers, plus an accompanying red plastic stool with moulded mock button effect and black painted legs; and finally a brown plastic wardrobe with interior shelves & hanging rail, plus two opening black plastic doors, the left with a mock long mirror. Please note that the wardrobe comes in a magnificent swirly brown plastic finish, whereas the dressing table is a slightly darker brown and no swirly finish. Fabulously, the wardrobe still has its hanging rail… you have no idea how many Tri-ang wardrobes I have handled over the years that not only have the rail missing but either one or other of the doors broken off…so it is lovely to have a wardrobe fully intact! Overall, these are all in a good played with condition. There is some wear, most notably on one side of the stool where there is a little scuffing. Wardrobe measures 3″ wide x 1 1/4″ deep x 4 1/4″ high. Dressing table measures 2 5/8” wide x 1 ¼” deep x 3 ½” high. Stool measures 1 1/8” wide x 1” deep x 7/8” high. Bed measures 3″ wide x 4 5/8″ long x 2″ high to top of headboard. 

Ref: Tri-ang Four Piece Bedroom

Suitable for 1/16th scale dolls house or old dolls house where scale does not matter.